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Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Day Nine: Organize

Today is day NINE in the Ms. CourtneyLeighB Challenge 

The theme of today is to get organized!! I am a VERY organized (to say the least) person. Some call it being OCD, but I call it a way of life. I absolutely love organizing, purging, moving things around, and decluttering every home/dorm/apartment that I live in! One of my favorite things to do is to set up a new space and make it my own! 

I'm a dork, I know.

There are many ways to go about getting organized when setting up a new space. I think the reason why I have been successful, and why I find it to be so easy is due to the fact that I have the "basics" to work with each time I move. 

Below you will find all my favorite organizing essentials!

1. I love using these Container Store drawers to hold my t-shirts, shorts and workout tanks. They come in lots of colors and can be stacked! 
2. These Love Hangers are the perfect no slip hanger. The heart in the middle is also great for putting a scarf through, or hanging a necklace from when you're planning out your outfits!
3. You can never have too many BINS! I use these hard plastic bins in my linen closet to contain all my hairsprays, lotions, and various products.
4.Hanging Jewelry Organizer is perfect for keeping all your baubles in one place and tangle free! It also makes it really easy to move and travel with your jewelry.
5. A ceramic Makeup Brush Holder helps to make your vanity look crisp and put together.
6. These plastic Multipurpose Drawers are my favorite to hold all my compacts, mascaras, and lipsticks! 
7. Fabric Bins can be used to organize bookshelves, pantry shelves and under the sink storage. They come in tons of different colors and are perfect for hiding "junk" and leaving a clean look.
8. Pottery Barn Teen is a great place to look for all your beauty and home organizational needs. Their Ultimate Beauty Organizer looks beautiful on top of a dresser and keeps all your essentials close at hand. 

I challenge you to take one area of your home and organize it. It can be your entire closet or just a section, your dresser drawers or the mess under the sink. Take one area and tackle it. Toss the items that are empty or that are expired (you know all those products and samples that you've acquired over the past year and shoved somewhere out of sight), and donate the items that you don't wear or fit into (if you haven't worn it in the past year, donate it!)

Trust me when I say that you will feel SO much better after you organize and clean out your living space. Have fun! Happy cleaning! 

Thanks for reading!

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