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Monday, October 20, 2014

The Crazy Bag Lady: Work Edition

Handbags have always been something that I have treasured. Ever since I was a little girl I have always loved getting a new purse, clutch, or tote. I think handbags are timeless and if you buy them right, can last for many, many years. I normally try to get my bags during friends and family sales, or for big occasions like Christmas or my birthday. I definitely have spent my fair share of weekend nights babysitting so that I could save up for whatever bag I was currently craving!

I thought it would be fun to share with you all what's currently in my work bag and give some tips for the working gal who may be traveling or commuting to and from, and in need of a good multipurpose tote! 

1. This Michael Kors bag is one of my favorites. It stands up on its own, it is made of very durable leather and has two strong straps. This bag also has multiple inside pockets, some that zip, and some that don't which are perfect for your phone, makeup, pens etc. What I REALLY love about this bag is the pouch in the middle that holds your laptop, as well as the pouch on the side that holds your iPad or Kindle. This keeps your electronics safe, while also keeping your purse organized. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this bag. 

2. Sunglasses. I can't be without my sunglasses! There is always a pair floating around my bag. These ones I'm currently loving. 

3. I just got this Lilly Pulitzer umbrella and I think it's so cute! What I love about it is the auto open and the little bag you can store it in when you're not using it! This is perfect for when you get inside and need to put your umbrella away, but don't want to get everything in your tote bag all wet!

4. I never thought I'd be a Kindle person, but I have to say that I really love my paperwhite. It makes reading so much easier for me because I'm BLIND, so it is nice to be able to make the font bigger. I also love how I can read in the dark, or out in the bright sun with ease!

5. Three Hip Chicks makes the most adorable preppy items for the "modern girl." I love their stuff, and especially love this Kindle case. The shipping and turnaround time was also super fast!

6. At the beginning of the year I got a bunch of inexpensive iPhone USB cables off Amazon. I'm always losing them, so this way I'm never without a charger. I leave one in my car, in my tote bag, at work, and even in my living room next to the couch (because we all know once I sit down to watch Gilmore Girls at the end of the day I'm not getting up to get a phone charger!)

7. This Kate Spade wallet is great for many reasons, but one of the things I love about it is how many slots it has for credit cards, gift cards, ID's etc! It makes finding the right piece of plastic easy as can be!

8. There is something about the Camel Bak that magically makes me drink more water. I find that when I'm carrying it around and constantly filling it up, that I am more prone to drinking water (something I REALLY need to do more of. I used to drink only one glass of water a day).

9. My iPhone. My sweet, sweet iPhone. This is ALWAYS in my bag, and one thing I just couldn't live without. I wish I could say that I'm not addicted, but then I'd just be lying. I LOVE my iPhone. 

10. This little bag of goodies is a life saver. The one I use is Longchamp, but you can really use anything. I always have a mini "go to" bag like this one in all my purses or totes that holds all the essentials such as hair ties, tampons, nail files, purell, aquaphor, a mini hairbrush, lip balm, band-aids, deodorant and perfume.

11. Because I use my iPhone so much, it tends to die really quickly. When I'm not near an outlet, I love having this as a backup battery. 

12. Commuting to and from work is a lot more enjoyable with some good music (another reason why my iPhone dies quickly and I need a backup battery.) These headphones are small and compact, yet they still have great quality sound. 

I hope you enjoyed hearing what's in my work tote bag and that you also learned a few tips and tricks for commuting to and from work! I'm sure my love of the handbag will be back for round two in the near future. I'm always lusting a good new bag! 

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