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Friday, October 10, 2014

How To Help

Since becoming a blogger I have spent a lot of time visiting other people's blogs, seeing what works well, what looks aesthetically pleasing,  how bloggers get creative and crafty with their titles, and finding out who their target audience is.

Most of the blogs that I follow are usually lifestyle and fashion like mine, but a few of them are foodie and family blogs.

While visiting all these blogs I have realized many things, but one of them is the strength of social media. The power that a #hashtag, a retweet or a share can have is absolutely fascinating to me. A couple words placed together in the form of a hashtag and a bunch of people talking about the same thing can start a movement. What an amazing way to get your story out there and get your point across.

Throughout my blog travels I have come across a few stories that I want to share. All of these people are of no real connection to me, nor have I been asked to post about them, however I have been touched by their stories in one way or another and want to do what I can to help.

Story Number One: 
Shay Shull is one of my absolute favorite bloggers. Her brother is Sean Lowe (you know that HUNK from the Bachelor). She has a family blog as well as a food blog that gives me countless amazing ideas each week. Shay posted on Monday about her dear friend Manda who was just diagnosed with cancer for third time. This mom of three has a story that really touched my heart and I couldn't help but feel helpless for her and her beautiful family. Although I cannot take the pain away for Manda, nor can I make her better, I can give back and support her fund. #MandaStrong

Story Number Two:
As a fellow Boston College Eagle, the story of Pete Frates is one that hit close to home for me. Pete Frates was a former BC baseball player who was diagnosed with ALS. I have followed Pete's story since the beginning and been utterly amazed at his family's strength throughout this difficult time. Over the summer Pete's #IceBucketChallenge gained national attention. Countless celebrities, public figures and random civilians reached out to help and raise needed funds for ALS research. Pete and his wife, Julie, recently welcomed their first child, Lucy, and although the #IceBucketChallenge was one for the books, with 17 million videos shared and ten billion views, I have a feeling that Pete and Julie are even more in awe with their precious little girl.

Story Number Three:
The NFL has made a couple blunders recently, but the story of Devon Still is one with a more uplifting message. It reminds us the important of family and that although we may love football, we love our kids more. The Cincinnati Bengals kept Devon Still on their roster to allow him to have health insurance coverage for his young daughter who has cancer. The team also started selling replica jerseys with his number with proceeds going towards her treatment. The Patriots Cheerleaders wore this jersey during their game this past weekend to show support and honor Still's daughter. See the cheerleader with the blonde hair? That be one of my good friends from high school, Alex! This story shows that although we sometimes play for different teams, and wear different colored jersey's, that we can all come together on the same level and support a child in need. Help the Bengals Sack Pediatric Cancer #LeahStrong #PrayForLeah

The power of a #hashtag, the meaning of a "retweet", and the importance of a "share." How are you going to help?

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