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Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Own it

One thing that I pride myself on is my confidence when it comes to what I'm wearing. I sometimes  throw on a bedazzled sweater, a crazy leopard dress, wild shoes, or a costume-looking top in the middle of April, but whenever I do, I wear it with confidence

Growing up with three older brothers I was constantly nagged for what I was wearing. My brothers would (they still do) make quick remarks and sometimes make fun of the outfits I had put together. They would ask me questions like "when is the rodeo in town?" or "do you feel bad that you're burning people's eyes with that dress?" These comments were all in good fun, and usually followed up with "we're just joking, you look beautiful."

As a young girl, I found my brothers to be annoying in these situations and a serious pain in the neck! As I got older I realized that although it was very subtle, they were teaching me one of the most important life lessons one can learn. Be confident. And never dress for anyone besides yourself

Now that I'm older, I can honestly say that I ALWAYS dress for me. If I like it, I'm wearin' it! One of my go-to things to say is "if you can own it, you can have it." 

I own who I am, and I'm never going to be someone I'm not just to please someone else.

With Halloween coming up I figured I'd give some quick mom advice. That costume that is so small it could fit your niece or the little girl you babysit for that you plan to flaunt because you think it will make people like you... it won't. I'm not saying don't wear a scantily clad costume. If that's what makes you happy, and you have fun doing it, I say go for it... but do it for you. Don't do it because you think you're supposed to do it.

Own who you are. Own whatever size you are. Don't spend you life trying to be someone else because believe it or not, I bet there's someone looking your way wishing they were you.


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