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Thursday, October 16, 2014

Pumpkin Crafts

Last week I did a fall roundup of all my favorite things I love to do during this season along with some fun recipes I want to try, and a few things I'm lusting over. 

As promised, I said that this week I would do a tutorial on something different then your normal carving of the Jack- O'Lantern. While I LOVED monogramming my pumpkin last year, I figured that since I don't have as much time this year to dedicate to actually carving, that I would find a fun, easy, quick and inexpensive way to decorate my pumpkin. 

To do this craft you will need
1. A pumpkin. I bought really small ones from my local grocery store so I wouldn't have to carry a big one home. They were about 60 cents each and I was able to decorate more then one!
2. Thumb tacks. I decided to get gold thumb tacks because I had seen a bunch of different pumpkin designs from Pintrest that used gold tacks and I liked the way it coordinated with the orange/gold in the pumpkin! You can get these same thumb tacks HERE. 

Another fun decorating idea is one that I did last year with my niece. Because she is too young to carve, and also to use tacks, I bought some glitter glue and let her draw all over the pumpkin with it!
To do this craft you will need 
1. A pumpkin. You may want to get a slightly bigger pumpkin then the ones shown in the thumb tack pictures. This size was great for my niece because she could carry it once it was dry and move it around.
2. Glitter glue. This crayola glue was great because it dried really fast and was also washable (our little pumpkin project turned into a finger painting project, which then turned into paint all over our clothes... get washable glitter glue!)

Another fun idea for decorating pumpkins with kids is to use pumpkin face stickers like these ones. I ordered these this year for my nieces and nephew and yesterday my mom helped them to decorate their pumpkins. They LOVED it. 

Thanks for reading about my no carve pumpkin craft ideas! Although I miss having a sweet monogrammed pumpkin like this one, I have to say that this was MUCH easier! 

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