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Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Bean Boot How To

If you live in New England (or somewhere cold) like I do you see the L.L Bean Boot EVERYWHERE in the wintertime. These boots have been around for decades and are truly a staple in any winter wardrobe. While you may think I'm crazy for talking about Bean Boots in October (it hasn't snowed here yet... I wish I could keep it that way) I'm really just looking out for my awesome followers. I made the mistake last year of waiting too long to buy my Bean Boots. I was going to ask for them for Christmas and by the end of November they were GONE. Every color, every style, practically every size... GONE. I got them on back order and ended up getting them delivered in March! I got to wear them maybe once or twice. Soooo this year I am looking forward to getting lots of good use out of my favorite winter boots. 

Below are some outfit ideas I compiled for how to wear your Bean Boots, but honestly they can be worn with just about anything. Remember that they're snow boots, not Louboutins. You don't need to make a huge fashion statement with them, you just need to keep your feet dry and warm (which they do really well!)
Outfit #1: Top // Vest // Pants // Black Bean Boot
Outfit #2: Top // Pullover // Jeans // Brown Bean Boot
Outfit #3: Top // Vest // Jeans // Navy Bean Boot 

Bean Boot Round up :
1. Order NOW. They run true to size, but sell out fast, so get yours now. They are made in Maine, one pair at a time, so you best believe that your Bean Boots will be coming to you made with love!

2. Buy the L.L Bean Boot liners. These sherpa liners add extra comfort and warmth to your boots, and also help with the wear and tear of the sole. The bottom is constructed with EVA foam for comfort and the soft shearling helps to regulate foot temperature.

3. Want to know how to tie your boots? Read here, thanks Prep Avenue! 

4. And don't forget to get some cozy socks:) While I wish I could say I'm completely kidding with this entire post, that summer is just around the corner and that we should all go out and shop for Jack Rogers, we can't because WINTER IS COMING. So we might as well prepare! 
Below are some of my fav socks! 

Top Row: J.Crew
Bottom Row: Old Navy 

As always, thanks for reading! Enjoy your Bean Boots

Courtney Leigh

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