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Monday, September 22, 2014

Makeup Must Haves

#1: Clarisonic Mia #2: Bobbi Brown Protective Face Lotion #3: Almay Smart Shade Makeup (Color: 100 Light)  #4 Bobbi Brown Weightless Powder Foundation (Color: Warm Sand)  #5 Bobbi Brown Blush (Color: Pale Pink)  #6 ELF Set of 12 Brushes #7 CoverGirl Bombshell Volume Mascara #8 ELF Makeup Remover Pen #9 Bobbi Brown Bronzer #10 Urban Decay Naked Palette #11 Bobbi Brown Long Wear Gel Eyeliner (Color: Black Ink)  #12 Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick (Color: Smokey Nudes) #13 ELF Eye Lash Curler

Makeup can be really fun to buy, but also really easy to mess up. Matching your exact color to your skin, finding the right brushes to apply the makeup evenly, using the correct amount of bronzer, blush and mascara to give that "I'm not trying too hard, look" can be difficult! I have been using all these essentials for months, some for years, and really enjoy them!

Tip #1: Instead of foundation, use a BB cream. The Almay Smart Shade Skintone Matching Makeup is great because it comes on white and then blends to your exact shade. This is really great when the seasons are changing and so is your skintone. This way you don't have to go out and buy a new BB cream for every season.

Tip #2: Use a lighter colored bronzer, and apply more during the months that you want more color. Bronzer can be really easy to get carried away with, so I always get a light colored bronzer and find that a little bit goes a long way...The same goes for blush.

Tip #3: Don't buy expensive brushes. ELF is such a great place to buy all kinds of makeup, but their brushes especially are really well made and last a long time. I also like to have extra brushes on hand if I ever lose one, or am traveling, so this way I can buy in bulk and not break the bank.

Tip #4: Wash your face! My friends always make fun of me, but I have about a zillion wash cloths so that way anytime I'm washing my face or apply my makeup I have a clean cloth to work with. I buy these in bulk as well, at either Homegoods, Marshalls, or Target because they end up getting worn after a while so I like to buy cheap ones and toss them after a couple months.

Tip #5: Get a good eye lash curler. I have a few, but my favorite two are from Homegoods (weirdly enough) and ELF. Eye lash curlers are totally underrated. You don't need to put on globs of mascara. Put on one or two good coats of even mascara and then use your curler to really volumize the lash. The CoverGirl two step mascara pictured is AMAZING. It never clumps, and is super waterproof.

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