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Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Day Two: Up & At Em

Today is day two of the Ms. CourtneyLeighB challenge and the theme of today is Up & At Em!

The goal of today is to get up and moving earlier then normal. Get your blood pumping and your body moving, even if your eyes are half closed while you're doing it. This is easier said than done for me because I am NOT a morning person, but there is something so peaceful, spiritual and valuable about getting up early and seizing the day. If you didn't do this challenge today, try your best to do it during the remaining days of the Ms. CourtneyLeighB challenge. Too many of us are rushed and crazed on a day to day basis. Give yourself that extra hour to move slowly in the morning and move with intention. Stop at the coffee place you never have time to go to, walk to work instead of frantically hustling and checking your phone to see what time it is. Slow things down and see the beauty in a quiet morning.

Below is a picture I took over the summer when I was participating in the Yoga Girl Challenge. She too, challenged us to get up and mix up our routines. I had gotten up bright and early to move into my new apartment and was feeling all kinds of emotions. I was pumped up to move into my new place, but slightly terrified because I ALSO had a job interview later that day. When I went outside to get in my car I got pelted by the sprinkler (I had never been up THAT early and didn't know they went on that time of day). I couldn't help but laugh. Here I was trying to start my morning off with peace and serenity and I get drenched by my own sprinkler. It was honestly a blessing in disguise because it got me laughing and helped to make my nerves go away. I made a quick outfit change, took this amazingly beautiful picture, hopped in the car, moved into my new apartment, changed once again to get ready for the job interview and ended up killing it and getting the job.

As Amy Poehler would say "There is power in looking silly and not caring that you do." So get up, walk through that sprinkler, and make today amazing!


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