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Saturday, September 27, 2014

Day Five: Start Doing This!

Happy Saturday! Day Five in the Ms. CourtneyLeighB Challenge is here! 

Today I challenge you to start a new habit. It could be to exercise more, to eat less sweets, to go to bed earlier, to do laundry more frequently (so it doesn't pile up into a large mountain that takes you two days to sort through)... it can be anything. Just make sure you pick something that you're actually interested in doing so you can follow the steps to actually doing it. 

First, you must have a firm belief in what you're doing. You must truly be committed to wanting to change something about your life, and to form this new habit.

Second, your new habit must be attainable. If it's not, you will never have the conviction to follow through and achieve this goal.

Third, you must create a plan or a strategy to succeed. Don't just think of something and randomly start doing it. Make a schedule and stick to it so you will actually form this new habit.

Fourth, thank yourself for creating this new habit. If your goal was to start doing laundry more frequently, reward yourself by getting a Starbucks after you're finished washing, drying and folding your clothes. If your goal was to exercise more, reward yourself by getting a manicure at the end of five straight days of doing physical exercise.

There's always time to break bad habits, and form new positive ones. Never be afraid to try something new, to set new boundaries, and to do what is outside your routine, or your norm. 

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