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Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Thanksgiving memories, more to come!

Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays! Our house is always FULL with tons of my favorite people like my siblings, my nieces and nephew, my cousins, aunts, uncles and friends. I just LOVE it. Everyone comes to my parents' house around noon and for the rest of the day we eat, eat, eat!

On Thanksgiving, our house runs like clockwork:

  • By mid morning my brothers have all gone into the kitchen and messed up the "Happy Thanksgiving" letter blocks that my Mom puts on the mantle. They each have come up with multiple ways to move them around to say inappropriate things. 
  • By 1pm, my Aunt Kat arrives, with bags full off stuff including lots of fun surprises for the little kids.
  • By 2pm everyone's already had a few drinks and is ready to go on the front lawn and play some football. My role: stand out of the way and take pictures. 
  • By 3pm we've brought out the vodka slush which is made by my Dad to "cleanse the pallet" before dinner. This is NEVER a good choice, but in my family if someone hands you the drink, you TAKE the drink :)
  • By 4pm we're normally ready to eat. Depending on the year, there is usually the long dining room table along with two smaller tables that we all eat at. I have slowly moved away from the "kids' table" which is totally exciting, yet totally scary because that means I'm a real person now. 
  • By 6pm we've winded down with dinner, have gone around and all said what were thankful for, are starting to clean up, and the food coma is quickly setting in. 
  • By 6:30/7:00pm we've all crawled to the couch and the stories and belly laughing really begins. This is usually when Catch Phrase gets whipped out and things get heated. 
  • For the rest of the night the drinks keep flowing, we make room for pie and dessert, and the memories continue to form. 
My favorite part about Thanksgiving is probably that the majority of the people who come for the day also stay the night. This means lots of filled up beds and slumber partying going on. I love it! There's nothing like a good ole sleepover with your cousins! It's the BEST.

Here are some picture from past years:

The block letters that my brothers so annoyingly move every year!

My Mom always makes the cutest bulletin boards for every holiday!

A few of our beautifully set tables 

I make fun of them, but I love these three guys to pieces! (Taken in 2011)

My brother's sweet girlfriend :) (Taken in 2013)

The greatest lady I've ever known. My best friend, my Mama! (Taken in 2013)

They take this Thanksgiving Day football game to a whole new level (Taken in 2013)

Our family has grown quite a bit since this picture. So crazy how much has changed in three years! (Taken in 2011)

What are your Thanksgiving Day traditions? What are you most thankful for this season?

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