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Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Show & Tell Tuesday: Makeup Removing Routine

I ALWAYS take off my makeup before I go to bed. ALWAYS. This has been a good habit of mine that luckily hasn't been broken and I can honestly say that my face and skin are so much better off because of it. Throughout the years I have had a lot of trial and error with different makeup brands, especially when it comes to the different products I use to remove my makeup. It has become increasingly obvious to me how important it is to buy good quality products that you are going to be applying to your face. Although I do like to mix things up and try out new products when it comes to my makeup, I will say that my end of the night routine really hasn't changed and I don't plan on making any edits! It is a pretty perfect process and an all-star set of products if you ask me!

Step One: I use an ELF brand makeup removing cloth to initially take off all my makeup. These are great for a couple of reasons. They are awesome for stubborn and hard to reach areas (especially when I have a heavy smoky eye or a lot of mascara on) and they also are pretty mild in fragrance. What I love most about these is that they are super inexpensive. I was spending $6.00+ on Neutrogena makeup cloths and I found that not only were they making me break out, but they also dried up really easily when the packaging was left slightly opened. The ELF cloths have a clip shut closure which helps to keep them lasting longer and they are only $3.00!

Step Two: Next I use the Clean & Clear facewash to gently wash off any residue left on my face. This wash doesn't clog your pores and is hypoallergenic. As a bonus it has ginseng and vitamin C which really do explode and give you nice burst of energy! I always feel invigorated and refreshed after I was my face with this Clean & Clear cleanser. Bonus: it is sold at most drugstores in a travel size so I have an extra in my gym bag and with me when I travel!

Step Three: After I use my cleanser I use the Origins scrub to push out any dead skin or dirt on my face. I don't use this every night, but I will say that it is not like the majority of scrubs. It is a lot more gentle and exfoliates and refines your skin at the same time. What is unique about Origins is that they really do have a "no ouch" philosophy. Their products do such a great job at keeping your skin calm and free of redness of discoloration.

Step Four: This is the newest step to be added to my routine. I was actually given this Elixir as a gift and have completely fallen in love with it. Nativo Skincare is a newer brand, but quickly becoming popular for its organic ingredients and essential oils that provide a healing power to clear blemishes, scar tissue and calm your complexion. Nativo's Elixir smells wonderful and is so calming to put on your face at the end of a hard day's work.

Step Five: Towards the end of my makeup removing routine I like to moisturize and let me skin soak up and absorb Neutrogena's hypoallergenic moisturizer. As a plus this is also fragrance and alcohol free AND reasonably priced.

Step Six: Right before I get into bed  I apply a second round of moisturize onto my face. This is especially important in the winter and dry months of the year when the heat can dry out your skin while you are sleeping. The Hydro Boost is so lightweight and really "quenches" your skin before you lay your head down for the night. Like the majority of Neutrogena's products, the Hydro Boost is oil free, dye free, fast absorbing, ideal for all skin types and is clinically proven to keep skin hydrated for 48 hours!

Another part of my night time routine that wasn't included in my step by step makeup removing routine, but that is vastly important, is to have a humidifier in your room while you are sleeping. I cannot tell you how much my humidifier has helped not only my skin in keeping it refreshed, but also my eyes which get really sore and dry when the heat is turned up in my bedroom. I would definitely recommend a humidifier! Mine was from Target and was under $35. You can find it here!

Thanks so much for stopping by! I hope you enjoyed my step by step makeup removing routine! Any questions, feel free to email me!

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